Affiliate Disclosure Statement

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires the disclosure of any relationship that exists between one who endorses a product and the manufacturer or service provider of the product when writing a review about the product or service.

EbonyRobinson.com (ER) supports this consumer protection by the FTC, and is happy to share with you the following guidelines:

  • ER is not paid to do reviews on any books or other products contained within this website.
  • If there are links to books or products in any of the reviews, blog posts, or advertisements a commission may be paid to ER if you make a purchase.
  • Any commissions received as a result of ER’s promotional efforts will not impact opinions on a book or product. For example, if the book is awesome, I’ll let you know. If the book is terrible, I’ll let you know or may not mention the book at all.

As you venture to other blogs/websites (though I beg you to stay here with me), keep in mind that the FTC disclosure statement is a requirement by law. Therefore, if you do not see a disclosure policy as part of a review of a product, the one who is reviewing the product may be in violation of the law.