Dallas Freelance Writer Ebony RobinsonGet to know Ebony Robinson…

Ebony Robinson is a Dallas, Texas-based freelance writer, blogger and nonfiction book junkie. Known for her no-nonsense, self-sabotage busting advice, Ebony helps people get out of their own way.

If you’re ready to give up the excuses and take responsibility for your own success, stay tuned.

If you want to identify and conquer your self-defeating behaviors, pull up a seat.

If you’re madly in love with your own excuses, if you want to play kissy face with your self-limiting beliefs, prepare to be incredibly annoyed.

Are you a pathfinder? Join the crew.

The textbook definition of a pathfinder is a person who goes ahead and discovers or shows others a path. If Ebony were here she  would say that definition is a little too perfect. Life isn’t perfect.

Life is messy. Pathfinders are willing to dig in. Get their hands dirty. Dreams are possible. But no one is going to knock down your door and hand you the life you want. Pathfinders have their boots strapped, ready to knock down their own doors.

Freelance Writing Services

Ebony holds a bachelor’s degree in Journalism, but honed her writing skills while working at two of the largest law firms in the U.S. She has ghostwritten articles for legal and business professionals, as well as edited Continuing Legal Education presentations attended by thousands of attorneys.

Like many writers, Ebony is an insastiable reader. But how many writers do you know who are just as intrigued by Auto Repair for Dummies as they are The Joke’s on You: How to Write Comedy? Well, now you know at least one.

All that reading keeps Ebony’s idea machine fueled. Below are just a few of her writing specialties and services.

Writing Services (not an exhaustive list)

  • Ghostwriting
  • Articles
  • Blog Posts
  • Executive Biographies
  • Case Studies

Writing Topics (not an exhaustive list)

  • Personal Improvement
  • Time Management
  • Law Firm Life
  • Small Business
  • Career Development

Let’s talk (Ebony@EbonyRobinson.com).